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AxiCont History

AxiCont commitment: to provide innovative solutions to the unique challenges of contemporary technology.

General information

  • Dedicated “Solution” partner for Mitsubishi Electric;
  • An engineering firm established in 2000, headquartered in Budapest;
  • Teams of electrical, mechanical and IT engineers;
  • A family-friendly and environment-conscious workplace;
  • Over 100 robots deployed to satisfied customers;
  • Regular communication and long-term cooperation with partners.

Areas of activity

  • Industrial automation with electrical, mechanical and IT engineering competencies;
  • Production automation;
  • System integration and migration;
  • Intelligent feeders equipped with cameras;
  • Unique manufacturing cells;
  • Robot programming;
  • Planning and deployment of SCADA systems;
  • Engineering consultancy and professional training;
  • Sale of Mitsubishi Electric products;
  • Camera controlled process and final control;
  • PLC programming and synchronised movement control.

Company values

  • Professional automation;
  • Servicing individual requirements;
  • Partner appreciation; 
  • Continuous improvement;
  • Precise work;
  • Ethical conduct.

Our achievements


Number of our excellent professionals
Unique, task-specific robot solutions
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